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City of Long Beach Selects Wi4Net to Expand Citywide Surveillance Network

Homeland Security grant enables city to secure sports arena, convention center and other high-profile locations and high traffic areas

APCO 2007, Baltimore, MD, August 6, 2007 – Wi4Net, a division of CelPlan Technologies, Inc. and a leading provider of integrated wireless broadband and video solutions, today announced it was selected to substantially expand the existing video surveillance network in Long Beach, California, adding 12 wireless cameras to what is already one of the nation’s largest 4.9 GHz based surveillance networks. Ultimately targeting citywide security, this expansion will provide surveillance for the sports arena, convention center, world trade center, and various other facilities and high traffic areas. 

“Wi4Net works extremely well for us because it offers a total solution approach for our 4.9GHz spectrum,” noted Lieutenant Steve Ditmars with the Long Beach Police Department. “We want to do a lot with our limited 4.9 GHz spectrum. FlexiRadio allows us to connect directly to the cameras for robust high-resolution real-time video streaming with low latency, while the same radio platform can support a self-healing mesh architecture for mobile access. Wi4Net’s affordable PC cards make it easy for us to implement mobility.”

The expansion leverages the FlexiRadio platform for backhaul communications, camera connectivity and mobility access. The FlexiVideo suite provides for the ruggedized wireless camera units that will be mounted using existing government assets in the target areas. The camera units feature local video storage capability and battery backup, for continued service in case of a power outage. The added cameras will be monitored and controlled from the existing Wi4Net provided video management system, already in use with the City.
“We are honored with the award of this expansion contract,” said Jasper Bruinzeel, VP of Marketing and Sales for Wi4Net. “The licensed 4.9 GHz spectrum is still underutilized, and it is exciting to see major cities such as Long Beach recognize the value and potential that this spectrum holds with regards to broadband applications, such as video surveillance and mobile access.”

About The City of Long Beach, California

With a population of about 500,000, Long Beach is California's fifth largest city. It offers a unique combination of strategic location, excellent climate, shoreline beauty, and Southern California lifestyle, wrapped in one package. From the emphasis on the "three T's" (Trade, Tourism and Technology), to the city's bountiful array of business and residential neighborhoods, it's no wonder Long Beach is quickly becoming one of the leading regions for business, tourism and community in the west.

About Wi4Net

Leveraging over 12 years of wireless communications leadership of CelPlan Technologies, Inc., Wi4Net offers an innovative family of wireless broadband products and video surveillance solutions that feature unique flexibility in design and deployment. Wi4Net excels in seamlessly integrating the latest wireless, digital video, storage and monitoring / archiving technology. Supporting both the 4.9 GHz public safety spectrum and 5.9 GHz ITS spectrum, Wi4Net brings tailored and specialized designs for specific applications, such as video surveillance and mobile broadband. Markets of focus include government, public safety, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and energy.

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VP, Marketing & Sales
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