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Wi4Net Unveils FlexiVideo Transportable Surveillance Solution

Transportable wireless video system in support of emergency response, events and other temporary deployment needs

APCO 2007, Baltimore, MD, August 6, 2007 – Wi4Net, a division of CelPlan Technologies, Inc. and a leading provider of integrated wireless broadband and video solutions, today announced the availability of its transportable wireless video surveillance platform, as part of the FlexiVideoTM suite of products, offering instant deployment of a video surveillance system for events or emergencies. 

“We introduced this system in response to a strong demand from our customers”, noted Leonhard Korowajczuk, CEO of CelPlan. “Within a matter of minutes, a video surveillance node can be operational, recording and storing video locally. Remote monitoring can be done, wirelessly, from any standard notebook, or from a mobile command center or fixed monitoring station.”

The transportable video system comes with a transit case to assure protection of the unit during transportation. Each unit supports one or two high performance PTZ cameras (featuring 35X optical zoom). Furthermore, the unit features one or two radios and utilizes Wi4Net’s FlexiRadio wireless broadband platform, allowing use of unlicensed spectrum (2.4 GHz or 5.x GHz) and licensed spectrum (4.9 GHz or 5.9 GHz) in software. With backup power and local storage capabilities (400 GB), each node can operate stand-alone. Also, a deployment can be architected to allow for wireless communication between nodes and remote video monitoring and control.

“This is very exiting,” marked Steven Makky, Communications and Warning Officer with St. Charles County (MO) and Co-chair of the St. Louis area UASI Interoperable Communications Committee. “I immediately recognize the advantages of such platform for municipalities and public safety organizations. Products that have the capability for rapid ad-hoc establishment are essential to both acute and planned incidents. One of the reasons many in public safety fought for 4.9 GHz as it exists today was so that deployable assets such as these could become a reality. 4.9 GHz has tremendous potential for incident management throughout the continuum from planning to recovery.”

About Wi4Net

Leveraging over 12 years of wireless communications leadership of CelPlan Technologies, Inc., Wi4Net offers an innovative family of wireless broadband products and video surveillance solutions that feature unique flexibility in design and deployment. Wi4Net excels in seamlessly integrating the latest wireless, digital video, storage and monitoring / archiving technology. Supporting both the 4.9 GHz public safety spectrum and 5.9 GHz ITS spectrum, Wi4Net brings tailored and specialized designs for specific applications, such as video surveillance and mobile broadband. Markets of focus include government, public safety, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and energy.

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