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City of Milwaukee Deploys Wi4Net Citywide Surveillance Network with Pivot3 Storage System

Wireless video surveillance system and scalable storage help city fight crime

Reston, Va., and Spring, Texas - February 26, 2008 - Wi4Net, a division of CelPlan Technologies, Inc. and a leading provider of integrated wireless video surveillance solutions, and Pivot3 Inc, the inventor of high-definition storage based on distributed RAID, today announced that the City of Milwaukee has chosen Wi4Net for the provisioning and deployment of wireless surveillance cameras and a network monitoring facility. The solution is featuring Pivot3's industry-leading storage system. The first phase of the project includes a wireless 4.9 GHz-based backhaul network throughout the city's 97 square miles. Initially connecting 15 cameras, the network is designed to scale to more than a hundred cameras in the future. Video is streamed to a centralized monitoring center, including a highly scalable storage solution from Pivot3 equipped with 18 terabytes of raw storage capacity.

"While still in the deployment stage, the Milwaukee Police Department was able to catch a criminal in the act, and arrest this person within 30 minutes," said Leonhard Korowajczuk, CEO of CelPlan. "This shows just how powerful of a tool the system is for solving crimes. We are very proud to support police departments throughout the United States in making their cities a safer place."

The system leverages Wi4Net's FlexiRadioTM wireless platform for backhaul communications, camera connectivity and localized mobile access. The FlexiVideoTM product suite provides for the hardened, stainless steel wireless camera units with battery backup for continued service in case of a power outage, and leading edge camera technology featuring 35X optical zoom. Each camera streams real-time high resolution (4CIF) video to a state-of-the-art centralized monitoring system where the video is securely maintained on the Pivot3 high-definition storage system.

The Pivot3 storage architecture used in the City of Milwaukee deployment is a high-performance storage cluster. Video images are distributed and protected across multiple storage nodes, called Databanks, and data is never lost if a disk drive or Databank fails.

"A key value of the Pivot3 storage for cities like Milwaukee is the inherent flexibility and scalability," said Jeffrey Bell, Vice President of Marketing at Pivot3. "Customers can pay as they grow, without investing from the beginning in storage capacity that they may not need right away. When they need to add more storage, they just plug in another self-configuring storage node (Databank) for enhanced data management and protection."

"We are honored with the award of this high-profile contract," marks Jasper Bruinzeel, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Wi4Net. "The availability of licensed 4.9 GHz spectrum enables cities to implement citywide broadband applications, such as video surveillance, in a reliable, secure and affordable manner."

About Wi4Net

Leveraging over 12 years of wireless communications leadership of CelPlan Technologies, Inc., Wi4Net offers an innovative family of wireless broadband products and video surveillance solutions that feature unique flexibility in design and deployment. Wi4Net excels in seamlessly integrating the latest wireless, digital video, storage and monitoring / archiving technology. Supporting both the 4.9 GHz public safety spectrum and 5.9 GHz ITS spectrum, Wi4Net brings tailored and specialized designs for specific applications, such as video surveillance and mobile broadband. Markets of focus include government, public safety, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and energy.

About Pivot3

The Pivot3 block-based infrastructure virtualization solutions, targeting various data-intensive applications such as video surveillance, reduce costs by up to 50 percent and deliver up to five times the performance, with superior data protection. With several patents pending, the company boasts strong intellectual property and is backed by Lightspeed Venture Partners, InterWest Partners, Mesirow Financial Capital Partners IX, and Silver Creek Ventures.

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Jasper Bruinzeel
VP, Marketing & Sales
+1 (760) 274 4214