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City of Los Angeles Deploys Cameras in Neighborhoods to Fight Crime

Los Angeles Police Department installs Wi4Net citywide wireless surveillance systems to improve safety and productivity

Reston, Va., November 7, 2011 – Wi4Net, a division of CelPlan Technologies, Inc. and a leading provider of integrated wireless broadband and surveillance solutions, today announced that it has completed the installation of the first series of wireless camera systems for the City of Los Angeles Police Department.

Several years ago, the City identified the need for surveillance cameras to support its police operations. Upon review of local deployments, such as Long Beach, and upon research of available technologies and solutions, the City created its “Wireless Camera Surveillance System” (WCSS) program to support its police area stations. The initial series of systems support the Mission, Foothill and Southwest area stations to monitor gang crime and other crime issues, but the program also enables other area stations to deploy compatible systems in the next few years.

“After years of planning, we are extremely excited to get the first series of systems operational. Already, we have been able to solve our first crimes.

“We have been very excited with the opportunity to assist Taylorsville with this deployment,” noted Jasper Bruinzeel, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Wi4Net. “The deployment shows that wireless 4.9 GHz technology can benefit cities of all sizes for a diverse range of applications and scenarios.”

Here are a few examples of early successes:  

  • A vehicle was parked at the gas pumps of a local gas station. Our camera operator observed a suspect vandalize the gas pumps by etching graffiti onto one of the gas pumps. The camera operator was able to zoom in on the suspect's face and on the license plate of his vehicle. The suspect was subsequently arrested for vandalism.  
  • A male suspect wearing all dark clothing standing outside of a local restaurant. The suspect appeared to be conducting narcotics transactions. The suspect raised his arms in a stretching motion which revealed the butt of a handgun from his waist band which was seen from the camera room. Officers made contact with the suspect which revealed the suspect was carrying a replica pellet gun. Without the help of the cameras in place, it would have been nearly impossible to observe the suspect carrying the replica gun or to observe the narcotics transaction.  
  • Our camera operators observed a parked vehicle. Inside the vehicle was a male and female engaged in a lewd sexual act. Officers responded to the location and the suspects were taken into custody.
  • A detective who was monitoring the camera system observed suspects smoking narcotics and exchanging money. Officers made contact with the suspects and inside the suspects' vehicle the officers discovered approximately three backpacks in plain sight with hundreds of pirated DVD's inside. After an investigation was conducted, the pirated DVD's, and a large sum of US Currency consistent was confiscated. The quantity of the currency was consistent with the sales of pirated DVD's.  

Our camera operators observed a vehicle parked near gas pumps at a local gas station. The camera operator observed a front passenger of the vehicle holding a syringe. The passenger then handed the syringe to the driver. One of the individuals in the vehicle exited the vehicle and walked to the rear restroom of the gas station. Officers responded to the location and took the suspects into custody. Officers recovered heroin from the suspect driver and arrested him for Possession of a Controlled Substance.

These are some early examples of how the use of our surveillance camera system has helped improve our efficiency, productivity and has enhanced public safety. 
The cost of crime and the cost of preventing crime is very expensive and the potential impact of crime deterrence that we expect to realize with continued successes from the use of our surveillance cameras are particularly important during these though economic times," said Captain Bill Scott, Commanding Officer of the Los Angeles Police Department's Mission Area.

Making use of the licensed 4.9 GHz band, specifically set aside for public safety uses, the camera units can be deployed with great flexibility throughout the vast area of the City’s jurisdiction. The FlexiVideo pole camera units, provided as part of the program, feature H.264 recording, 1 TB of local storage for long-term, redundant recording and battery back-up.

“We are honored to be in the position to support the City of Los Angeles in this important program,” noted Leonhard Korowajczuk, CEO of CelPlan. “Being the second largest city in the country and with the associated policing challenges that are to be expected, I foresee these systems to become a national showcase of the value that citywide surveillance can bring as a public safety tool. We look forward to the next deployments scheduled for the Topanga and West Valley area stations.”

About The City of Taylorsville, Utah (www.taylorsvillecity.com)

Based in the Salt Lake Valley, the City of Taylorsville was incorporated on July 1, 1996 with a vision that would provide greater local control of community planning, economic development, and municipal service delivery. Part of Salt Lake County, the City has a population of 61,000.

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Leveraging over 15 years of wireless communications leadership of CelPlan Technologies, Inc., Wi4Net offers an innovative family of wireless broadband products and video surveillance solutions that feature unique flexibility in design and deployment. Wi4Net excels in seamlessly integrating the latest wireless, digital video, storage and monitoring / archiving technology. Supporting both the 4.9 GHz public safety spectrum and 5.9 GHz ITS spectrum, Wi4Net brings tailored and specialized designs for specific applications, such as video surveillance, ALPR, gunshot location technology and mobile broadband. Markets of focus include government, public safety, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and energy.

Media Contact:

Jasper Bruinzeel, VP of Marketing and Sales
(760) 274-4214

Media Contact:

Jasper Bruinzeel
VP, Marketing & Sales
+1 (760) 274 4214