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City of Bell Gardens Ups Citywide Security through Video Surveillance

Single, integrated, unified camera system covers city facilities, parking lots, major parks and golf course

Reston, Va., October 12, 2015 – Wi4Net, a division of CelPlan Technologies, Inc. and a leading provider of integrated wireless broadband and IP-based surveillance solutions, today announced that it has completed the installation of a citywide camera security system for the City of Bell Gardens, covering major facilities, such as the City Hall and Police, parking lots at various city locations, major city parks, including coverage of various facilities at the parks, such as a skate park, a pool, fields, a golf course, extensive park grounds, park buildings, and maintenance yards.

“We are extremely excited with this new tool,” marks Robert Barnes, Bell Gardens Chief of Police. “It provides for efficiencies within our force, and makes our city safer. We expect also that the system will enhance the quality of life within Bell Gardens and support economic development. I remain impressed how we have been able to stretch our budget, and achieve such broad citywide coverage through a close partnership with CelPlan during the pre-project design phase.”

The system incorporates a combination of the latest IP-based megapixel PTZ and fixed cameras. Networking is achieved through wireless network connections in the licensed 4.9 GHz band, which is set aside for government and public safety purposes. The system features also video analytics for automatic detection of suspicious activity at certain locations. The system can be monitored from various locations in the City, including also from smart phones.

“We are truly excited with this project implementation,” said Jasper Bruinzeel, Vice President, Wi4Net with CelPlan. “This system not only shows the power of unified security solutions, and the latest technology advances in megapixel technology, wireless and video analytics. This project shows also how much ground can be covered within a limited budget. Between cost of technology coming down, and a highly efficient design, I believe this project shows an example of unique value maximization.”

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Leveraging 20 years of wireless communications leadership of CelPlan Technologies, Inc., Wi4Net offers an innovative family of wireless broadband products and video surveillance solutions that feature unique flexibility in design and deployment. Wi4Net excels in seamlessly integrating the latest wireless, digital video, storage and monitoring / archiving technology. Wi4Net brings tailored and specialized designs for specific applications, such as video surveillance, ALPR, gunshot location technology and mobile broadband. Markets of focus include government, public safety, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), transportation and energy.

Media Contact:

Jasper Bruinzeel, VP of Marketing and Sales
(760) 274-4214

Media Contact:

Jasper Bruinzeel
VP, Marketing & Sales
+1 (760) 274 4214