FlexiVideo (Mobile & Transportable)  

Wi4Net presents various, custom FlexiVideoTM mobile & transportable video surveillance solutions, offering public safety organizations the ability to set up a video surveillance system in a matter of minutes, to support emergencies, events and other temporary deployments. Each unit is pre-configured and provided with local storage capability, so that it can operate stand-alone out-of-the-box. Furthermore, Wi4Netís mobile & transportable camera solutions can be provided with wireless capability, leveraging latest LTE cellular network technology, or in combination with additional wireless options for local networking. Multiple monitoring station options are available, including a notebook-based solution with wireless capability for mobile access to the mobile & transportable video surveillance system. We implement our solutions also on mobile vehicles such as trains, busses, and specialty vehicles (such as SWAT and police).

  • Self-contained transportable wireless pole camera unit or trailer
  • Deployed within 15 minutes
  • Alternate implementations on trains, busses and specialty vehicles
  • Wireless link (cellular LTE or other) for local or remote access
  • Local storage capability (1 TB or 2 TB standard)
  • Battery backup and solar options
  • Highly intuitive graphical user interface
  • Full integration with central control systems